Can I search for a flight for me and my child?

When searching for flights on HeyNuna, you can select the number of children and infant passengers via the traveler drop-down menu.

Can I book a flight for another person?

If you want to pay for someone else's flight, you can absolutely do that. However, you'll need to make sure that when you enter passenger details, the name you put on the ticket matches the traveler's ID exactly. A spelling mistake could mean a one-way ticket to the can't-fly-today-zone. Also, be aware that many airlines charge a substantial change fee if any information needs to be edited after the ticket has been booked.

What is HeyNuna's refund policy?

Help is on the way: if you booked your travel on the HeyNuna site with one of our providers, then you can go to Bookings and get info on 24/7 support. If you booked your travel outside of HeyNuna or were redirected from our site to a provider's web page to complete your booking, then you'll need to touch-base with the provider directly. Not sure who your provider is? Check your credit card statements to see who charged your card.