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Welcome! HeyNuna is teaming up with Travel Connection to bring you TC Rewards, the ideal travel affiliate program from HeyNuna so you can make money marketing one of the fastest growing segments on the web!

We cover the full range of travel services, including flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals, tours, insurance, transfers, and much more. Help your travel visitors to organize their vacation and increase your earnings!

We pay 50% of HeyNuna revenue as commission (which we call TC Rewards) for each sale. We provide the latest features and best deals for your customers. With a variety of travel content and traffic-driving banners that land on high converting pages, we help you to make even more money.

Program Highlights
• 50% of HeyNuna revenue from the sale as TC Rewards – one of the highest commissions in the industry!
• 30 day cookie – you'll get credit for bookings up to 1 month after a customer visits!
• Parasite-free program
• Extensive data feed – coming soon!
• Proactive Affiliate Management Team
• New Banner Ads, Text Ads & Search Boxes
• Weekly Newsletters that include bonus commissions for our affiliates
• Personalized Landing Pages & Banners for top performing affiliates – Coming Soon!

Questions? Please read our FAQs, or contact us.


What is an Travel Connection?
Travel Connection is HeyNuna's affiliate program that allows you to place links to our web site in text and sms messages, emails, social media posts, and on your website. We pay you a commission (called TC Rewards) for each user that books through our site through one of these links

Am I qualified to join Travel Connection?
Travel Connection welcomes everyone who has the desire to join the program, with exception to those involved in or promoting illegal activity or content. You don't  even need to have a website, even though it helps. You can share links to our website through text and sms messages, emails, social media posts, and on your website.

There are no traffic minimums so whether you're an experienced marketer or new, you're encouraged to apply. We personally review all applications and notify affiliates within 24 hours of their acceptance.

How will I earn commissions in your program?
Affiliates will earn 50% of HeyNuna revenue as commission (TC Rewards) on all bookings that are made from customers referred to our site from you. You will be paid your TC Reward as soon as we receive it from the travel supplier.

Does your Affiliate Program provide marketing banners?
Yes, and more. Once you join our program, you will have access to a unique referral link called your TC Rewards link, that you can instantly send in messages, posts, or links on your website, in addition to high-quality, traffic driving banners, interactive booking units and text links to select from. All these in a variety of styles to suit a wide range of web site designs.

How often do affiliates get paid?
We make payments to you within 30 days after a months accrual through PayPal. This means if you accrued $100 in January, you will be paid on or before March 1.

There is a $10 minimum to receive payout in any month. If you do not reach the $10 minimum within a month, the amount generated is carried forward to the next month. You can view your revenue and sales statistics live on your Travel Connection Account at any time.

How much does it cost to become an affiliate?
Nothing! It's absolutely free to join TC Rewards. There is no charge to apply and there is no minimum sales requirement.

How will you know that clicks and bookings came from me or my site?
All links from you to our site contain a identifier that identifies you uniquely so that every time a user comes to us via you link, we know to credit you when a qualifying click or bookings is made.

Does the program offer reporting tools for affiliates?
Yes, your advanced TC Rewards member panel gives you a wealth of information about your progress including number of clicks, number of travel bookings, total revenue generated and much more.

When do I receive credit for my bookings?
We pay commissions to our affiliates on the date of sail and/or when we receive commission from our suppliers.

It takes only 15 minutes after a transaction takes place for it to appear in your member panel which will contain detaled data including the source of the traffic, the Order ID, the sail date and the Sale amount. This way you can keep track of your bookings and commissions.

How do I sign up to the Affiliate Program?
To sign up, please visit Travel Connection and complete our online application form.