Travel Connection Introduces TC Rewards 10/19/2018

Travel Connection, a fast growing group of meetup travel buddies with local chapters in Houston and Dallas, says it has teamed up with, a startup travel search engine to bring the world's most generous travel rewards program to its members. Called TC Rewards, the program pays members 50% of HeyNuna revenue generated from their referrals.


Any member of Travel Connection who is ready to join TC Rewards can sign up at for a unique "TC Rewards link". This link is what will track all bookings referred by a member to that member. In addition,  HeyNuna supplies a range of banners and textual links, all of them unique to each member, that members can share with friends and family by text messaging, sms, email or social media posts, or place within their websites. When a member's connection clicks a rewards link, they are brought to, and any booking they make will earn the member a 50% share of HeyNuna revenue from the booking. "The good news is that HeyNuna tracks bookings for up to 30 days following the first visit, so even if a booking is not made on the first visit, you will still be rewarded if your referral makes up their mind within 30 days of the first visit. And you also earn rewards on your own bookings by following your link"; said Jerry Iversen, Organizer of Travel Connection on Meetup.



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